The Female Pelvic Floor

Do you know what your pelvic floor does? Most of us don’t. It’s not something we think about until it’s not working quite right, then it has a BIG impact on your life.


Your pelvic floor is made up of a group muscles, ligaments and connective tissue that attaches from your pubic bone in the front, to your tailbone in the back, effectively creating a sling that holds and supports your pelvic organs. When functioning properly, your pelvic floor allows you to control your bladder and bowel, stabilizes your hip joints and also allows you to enjoy sex by optimizing your sexual sensation. It does this by dynamically relaxing and contracting along with your needs.


When your pelvic floor is not working at its best, you can experience pelvic pain, prolapses, urinary incontinence or dyspareunia (painful sex). After major life events your pelvic floor can change; read menopause or having a baby, but it can be retrained to get you back to you.


Pelvic Floor Therapy combined with Naturopathic Medicine is uniquely fit to make you forget about your pelvic floor all over again.

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