The Importance of Fun in your Relationship



Play is all about exploring and expanding your mind, being spontaneous, trying out new ideas, thoughts, and behaviours. Play allows our minds to be free, allows us to be lighthearted and includes all the things we find enjoyable, funny or entertaining.


Play in your relationship.


When we allow ourselves to be playful with one another, it can say a lot about our relationship. It shows the level of intimacy we’re comfortable with, can help us moderate a fight, allows us to test out the weird things were not quite sure about, let’s us be creative, gives us another form of communication and most importantly can help to build intimacy in your relationship as play requires a certain level of vulnerability and trust with your partner.


So playfulness can improve my relationship?


YES. A study done on romantic partnerships found that there was a significant positive association between the amount of play and relationship closeness in romantic relationships. Playfulness facilitates relationship satisfaction BECAUSE it brings out positive emotions within the relationship. When we are having fun, we are generally happier, when we choose to have fun with our partner, this strengthens and deepens your bond.


This is a PSA, don’t forget to play, flirt and have fun with your significant other!


DOI: org/10.1111/1475-6811.00019

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