The Less-Talked About Benefits of Cardio

Does Cardio Makes for Better Sex? Yes, yes it does.


When studying women who participate in cardiovascular exercise including cycling, running, swimming and a combination of the three, researchers found that the women who had a regular moderate intensity exercise routine reported a lower level of female sexual dysfunction, orgasm dissatisfaction and trouble becoming aroused.


How does this work?


Exercise affects your body on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Basically, exercise improves your blood flow, strengthens your muscles, makes you feel good, it releases endorphins and decreases stress. These factors work together to have an overall increase on your libido.


Your thoughts on your body


People who regularly exercise tend to feel more comfortable and confident in their body. This translates to more self-confidence, better body image and a more fulfilling sex life. These women tend to be better at appreciating what their body is capable of and communicating what their body needs to feel good.


If you’re in a rut, how about trying some cardio to boost your libido up!

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