A Need to Know:

Your libido fluctuates. This is NORMAL.
What’s not normal is when it stays that way for a long time. You are missing out on such a big part of being human; we all DESERVE PLEASURE in our life. Right now, the majority of us are under an increased level of stress and this could be killing your sex drive, but there are other underlying issues that could be having an effect. Let’s learn the causes:
The Obvious Ones (the ones we normally think of)
Hormonal Imbalance
Vulvodynia (Painful Sex)
Relationship Breakdown
Lack of Sleep
The Less Obvious Ones (these are just as important)
Poor Body Image
Past Sexual Trauma
Low Self-Esteem
Vaginismus (Involuntary Vaginal Contractions)
There are SO many reasons you may not be feeling yourself right now. That is okay. I am here to make sure that you get back on track solo, or with your partner, because we all need that. When patients come back to see me and tell me how much better they are feeling, it lights me up. Let me do that for you, book an appointment today!

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