The Keys to Great Sex

What makes for magnificent sex?


Hint. It’s not what you were made to believe. The research has been done, the results are in and it does not involve any crazy positions (although those can be good too).


So what makes it great?


Communication. Yes, the most obvious one but still the one that is so often missed. You have to tell your partner what you like. I promise they don’t know if you don’t say it. And you might not know what that is right away, that’s okay too. That’s why a focus on pleasure, not performance is SO key. You can find this out together. You just have to trust each other enough to be open to trying those new things.


What are the other keys?


Anticipation – think about those butterflies you get when you still don’t know what’s going to happen. Affection – intimacy OUTSIDE of your sexual relationship is key to creating intimacy inside your sexual relationship. A non-genital focus – only 30% of women orgasm from penetration, if this is all you are focusing on you will be missing out.


Want to learn more? Magnificent Sex: Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers written by two amazing female doctrates Peggy Kleinplatz and Dana Ménard explores the latest research in the sexual health field to help us all achieve this.

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