Build Body Confidence

Are you happy in your body right now? No changes, no when x happens, but right now?


Starting a new year we tend to put extra pressure on ourselves to meet goals, achieve conventional standards and we can be our own worst critics. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with wanting to live a healthier life (in fact I’m all for it) but it is a problem if you set your expectations to be happy when those results are achieved.


No one is perfect.


And if you think they are, there are lots of things you just don’t see. To be happy now with your situation should be the goal or at a minimum having compassion for yourself where you currently are as we all go through ebbs and flows. After that, you can work towards those health goals.


This has a huge effect on your self-esteem.


And on your confidence too and that can impact your libido. When we feel good, we are more likely to want to share ourselves with our partner. When we don’t, we tend to hide and push them away.


If this is something you’re struggling with and finally want to break free off this year, book an appointment and we can discuss all the ways to get you feeling your best!

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