A New Way to Sleep

The answer is YES!   Okay. This is a big one because it is not…

The answer is YES!


Okay. This is a big one because it is not done nearly as often as it should be. Let’s take a step around all the reasons we don’t do this and focus on all the health benefits it brings to you.


It DRAMATICALLY improves your sleep.


Achieving the coveted eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is elusive for so many people. We all know when we don’t sleep/ sleep well we are more easily stressed, anxious and prone to being set off by the smallest thing. This is because a lack of sleep disrupts your normal cortisol curve (this is your stress response hormone) and good quality deep sleep can help bring this back to normal regardless of what is happening in your day to day life.


How does going to bed nude help with this?


Well to start, it’s better for your body temperature. Your body temperature actually plays a role in your circadian rhythm (your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle). As the day winds down, so does your body temperature signaling to your body it’s time to get ready to sleep. By not wearing your pjs, you are able to help your body maintain this optimal temperature which in turn helps you fall asleep faster. Next, your body temperature has an impact on your ability to achieve and cycle through REM sleep (where you dream). People deprived of REM sleep report being more anxious, depressed and less able to perform tasks. By keeping your body at its optimal temperature, you get to achieve optimal sleep. This helps you wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day.


If your sleep is off, why not try sleeping naked? You don’t know what you are missing out on.