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Pillars of My Work As a Naturopathic Doctor

A woman’s body does a lot of amazing things, there are also a lot of things that happen that don’t get talked about. Let me help you understand the inner workings of your vagina so that you are making the best choices for your health.


Today’s women are not experiencing the same amount of sexual pleasure as our counterparts were 10-20 years ago. I want to help you find that, understand your body (and why this could be happening), your needs and the things you can be doing to fix this.


As women, we take care of everyone around us; our family, our partner, our friends. Let me help you take care of you by putting yourself first and sorting out all the things that just don’t seem quite right. By thriving in yourself, you have more to offer to your loved ones.


Vaginal Health

The vagina is unique in that it hosts its own microbiome and is open to the outside world making it susceptible to microbes. While not all microbes are harmful, some can cause infections. Routine testing can be done for PAP smears, UTIs, yeast infections and other suspected vaginal infections.

Hormone Balancing

Your hormones play a significant role in how you feel both mentally and physically. Women’s body are consistently producing and cycling hormones. Observing and bringing your hormones into balance can play a major role in how you feel.

Lab Testing

Labs can help to take a deeper look into the body and uncover the root cause of your concerns. If indicated, various laboratory testing may be ordered to provide objective assessments of your nutritional, hormonal, or metabolic processes in order to focus the treatment plan.

Stress Management

Stress is a factor in every human’s day. How you process your stress affects your overall health and can lower your libido. I work with you to put  healthy strategies in place to manage it. This may include, lifestyle modifications, adopting new practices and supplements.

Botanical Medicine

Plants and herbs have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. They can be used to help modulate and correct various physiologic processes in the body. They are most commonly used in teas and tinctures.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Your pelvic floor is not likely something you’ve ever given much attention to however it is extremely important and can have a large impact on your quality of life. If you are experiencing pelvic pain, prolapse, urinary incontinence or have been pregnant, an assessment of your pelvic floor health can be right for you.

Nutritional & Digestive Balance

It all starts in the gut. Taking a deep dive into your digestive health will ensure you are receiving and absorbing all the nutrients you need. The gut acts as our second brain, responsible for creating a percentage of the hormones that direct your mood. A happy gut is a good gut.

Bio-identical Hormones (Certifying)

Bioidentical hormones can be used to treat a variety of health concerns by acting on hormonal receptors in the body like your hormones would. They can provide symptom relief to those experiencing vaginal dryness, menopause and other hormonally related conditions.

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