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Digestive Health

Feeling happy digestively can be a real struggle and a barrier to enjoying the foods you love and the social things you want to be a part of. Are you struggling with bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation or anything else that is making you think about the foods you eat? Have you tried all the things to get better?
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Digestion is not as simple as taking foods out and adding fibre in. Sometimes it can be, but to assess the digestive system as a whole, these things must be considered:
Food sensitivities
yes there may be some foods that your body has a hard digesting or causes an inflammatory response.
Gut motility
The gut has a rhythm and should move in a wave moving the food consumed through your digestive tract. When this is off, it can lead to slow stomach emptying, feelings of fullness and constipation.
Enzyme function
The ability to produce the enzymes that actually break down the foods you consume.
Gut training
Eating properly and listening to your body to know when you’re full or when you need to pass a bowel movement.
Microbial balance
SIBO, Candida, and other forms of general dysbiosis in the gut is an imbalance of the good bacteria that helps digest your food and the ‘bad’ bacteria that can cause a lot of digestive upset.
Hormonal signalling
There are hunger hormones that stimulate digestion, these need to be properly cued to start the digestive process.
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How I Can Help

A comprehensive history of you is how we start. This way I get the best idea of when things began, what your habits are; we’ll look into your daily routine and how different factors may be affecting you. Based on this lab testing may be requisitioned to get a deeper understanding of your health. Digestion improvement is broken down into steps. This allows all your concerns to be addressed and your results to be long lasting. A treatment plan is then created to help you start feeling better. This can include supplements, herbs, and dietary changes.
WHY? Because you deserve to feel comfortable.