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Hormonal Health

Having your hormonal health in balance can go a long way to helping you feel well. Hormones can impact your monthly cycles and how healthy your periods are. Your hormones change throughout the month and this will change how you feel.
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Hormonal conditions I can help you with:






Irregular periods

Scanty periods

PMS symptoms

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Hormonal health also encompasses your body’s hormones outside of the traditionally female and male hormones. When these hormones are off you may experience feelings of fatigue, high stress, brain fog, anxiety and irritability, or sluggishness. With proper support this can be fixed.

Additional Hormones:

  • Thyroid Health
  • Adrenal Healt
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How I Can Help

We start with a health assessment to understand you. Here, we will go over your menses health throughout your lifetime. That means what it looked like when it started, how it’s changed over time, what it looks like now and if you’ve ever used anything to try to control it (ie. birth control).
When mood, fatigue and stress are your main concerns, we will look into each of these in depth to figure out when things started going wrong and how you have felt ever since.
Using this information and lab testing where required, a plan is put in place where you are in control as you understand what is happening in your body. Treatments may include supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes and acupuncture.
WHY? Because you deserve to feel comfortable.