Your Thyroid & Your Libido

I thought having a thyroid problem made me gain/lose weight?We’re going to look at HYPOthyroid…

I thought having a thyroid problem made me gain/lose weight?

We’re going to look at HYPOthyroid (or less than optimal levels) of thyroxine, the thyroid hormone being produced by our body. When we have an underactive thyroid and it’s not doing all the things for our body that it’s supposed to, it can cause us to gain weight. (The opposite of this, hyperthyroid, can cause us to lose weight). Hypothyroid can also make you tired, be more sensitive to cold, experience constipation, have drier skin than usual, thin your hair, cause depression AND LOWER YOUR LIBIDO.

That’s right.

So, while you may have all of those other things and the last thing you are thinking about is sex, a thyroid problem could be the cause.

This works in a number of ways:

  • It can lower your vaginal lubrication making sex uncomfortable, unenjoyable and less likely for you to want it.
  • It may lower your testosterone (women produce this too) and that helps to boost your drive.
  • It may make you tired and depressed and let’s face it, when you feel that way you are not going to be interested.

GOOD NEWS. You can fix this, the first step is to get your thyroid levels checked by your doctor to rule in (or out) your thyroid as a cause of your low sex drive. This is done through a simple blood test and I would be happy to do it for you.