Your Vulva 101

This is what encompasses the (external) female sex organs and what they are ACTUALLY called.…

This is what encompasses the (external) female sex organs and what they are ACTUALLY called.


I will admit this. I didn’t know this for way to long. I thought it was your vagina (or your vajay jay, as I sometimes called it). How is this possible?!


We aren’t taught proper terminology. We need to know proper terminology if we want to be empowered in our sexuality and our health.


So let’s discuss the basics:


Your Vulva includes everything on the outside. The vagina is the vaginal canal where a baby would exit your body or where a penis (or finger, or toy, or tampon) would enter.


This misses some of the most important parts!


When we discuss sex and pleasure, most women (and men) think and consider sex to be penetrative intercourse. This is just not the case. And I don’t blame you. We aren’t taught about the clitoris properly and we don’t discuss our anatomy in a way that makes it important. We don’t include it.


The clitoris IS important!


It is the pea shaped mound under your clitoral hood (that offers protection) and is designed for female pleasure. But it is so much more than its external part. It is actually wish-boned shaped and has two legs that extend around the vaginal canal allowing you to feel good during penetration.


The other parts of the Vulva are your labias (majora amd minora), mons pubis, the urethra (where you pee) and your glands (Bartholin and Skene)


ALL of these parts make up the VULVA and all are included in the female sex organs.


Sexual Education is ALWAYS important. Let’s do it right.