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Vaginal Health

I work to make the uncomfortable comfortable so that you can get back to living your best life.
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Is defined as any vaginal condition with symptoms of abnormal vaginal itching, discharge, irritation, burning or odour. It can be caused by an infection; most commonly bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis (yeast infection) or trichomoniasis. When not caused by an infection, the usual causes are; atrophic vaginitis (thinning of the vaginal walls), contact with an irritant, allergen, or due to an inflammatory response.
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is defined as a vulvar pain that lasts at least 3 months without a clear cause but may have associated factors. Currently there is no one treatment for vulvodynia making naturopathic medicine unique in its ability to help. The 8 associated factors include infectious, inflammatory, neurological, hormonal imbalances, neoplastic, trauma and latrogenic.
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Other vaginal concerns I can help you with by supporting your overall health and immune system: HPV, cervical dysplasia, genital herpes
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How I Can Help

An initial assessment includes a comprehensive health assessment to go over exactly what you have been experiencing. I like to know as much detail as you can provide and are comfortable sharing.
A vaginal exam may also be included if this is something you are comfortable with. A vaginal exam will be directed by your comprehensive health assessment but may include an external visualization, an internal visualization using a speculum where swabs may be taken to test for infection, abnormal cells and HPV. Your vaginal pH will be measured to ensure you have a healthy microbiome. I have also trained in pelvic floor therapy and a pelvic floor exam where two gloved fingers are inserted into the vaginal canal may be performed to assess tone and function of the pelvic floor muscles. I like to walk my patients through what I’m doing at all times because you deserve to feel comfortable with exactly what’s going on.
Lab testing may be performed to get a better understanding of your hormonal health, inflammatory markers and microbiome so that a robust plan is put in place to address your needs.
WHY? Because you deserve to feel comfortable.